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when you feel like quitting, think about
when you feel like quitting, think about
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"Bringing Value to Your Life"
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Issac Hwang is the founder and CEO of Cali Finance Group, Inc., a professional services network (consulting firm) and loan brokerage company. Starting from 21-years-old, Issac led and established Cali Finance Group, Inc. to success and garnered the interest of domestic and international investors. 

Issac helps CEOs, executives, and solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands by utilizing his professional network, expertise, and experience. 

Issac's reputation as a premier consultant and entrepreneur came into fruition when he was featured as 2020 Top 100 People in Finance Magazine. 

He was featured in countless of other award-winning magazines and publications.

Issac continues to expand his areas of expertise by obtaining a number of certifications & licenses.

Issac has a record for helping  domestic and international corporations double their

profitability, market outreach, and overall operations in the United States. As an entrepreneur himself, Issac has led Cali Finance to help customers overcome $2 million in credit card debt alone and provided affordable management consultations to small businesses. 

Along with management consultations, Issac works as a life coach/consultant to help individuals become their best selves. He educates others about personal finance, equanimity, and other life skills to help individuals make fewer mistakes in their lives. His affordable and professional advice has helped thousands of people to live a more fulfilling life. 



Outside out of work, Issac enjoys educating others about everything and anything that brings value to their lives.


Therefore, he is active on variety of social media platforms (YouTube, Instagram, FB, etc.) 

If you are interested in following Issac, click on the links down below. 


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Current License
  • California Financing Law License (#10DBO62053)

  • California Financing Broker License  (#10DBO62053)
  • CA Deferred Deposit Transaction Law License (#60DBO61868)

  • Real Estate Agent License (#02085517)

  • Debt Counselor License (#65D5895)

  • Personal Finance Counselor (#25PF652)

Pending License
  • Real Estate Broker (Expected 2020)

  • Insurance Agent (Expected 2020)

  • Juris Doctorate (Expected 2024)

  • Master of Business of Administration (Expected 2024)

  • Certified Public Accountant (Expected 2026)